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Red Cross offer free refugee anti-Stigma course for young People

The British Red Cross is offering a free course aimed at tackling the stigma faced by refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants. These courses are aimed at young people aged 10-19  and can be booked by schools and youth groups in Ipswich.

These courses will be available throughout 2016.

The courses are 1-4 weeks in length.

The workshops focus on positive images and stigmatising behaviour, to help
young people explore perceptions around migration. They also explore the
consequences of population movement and how migrants are portrayed by
the media. Giving young people this knowledge enables them to empathise
with those who find themselves in this situation.

A range of useful resources are available from the Red Cross website -resources.

Read more about these workshops in the Red Cross course leaflet: Stigma workshops leaflet

For further details and to book please contact Ruby Clift (Youth Education Coordinator) on 07834 525352 or [email protected]

Thank you to Jared Murray for the use of this photograph.