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Look at what our students have produced!

Our “It’s Tuesday” group involves listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. Students also have the opportunity to learn about life in the UK and share experiences with people from other cultures. The aim of the project is to teach English in an informal manner, focusing on conversational topics which meet the needs of students, whilst encouraging integration into local community life.

Last term, we wanted to focus our leaning theme on “Out and About in East Anglia”.

A brochure has been compiled by “It’s Tuesday” students as a result of various group activities and a visit to Christ Church Mansion during 2018. You can view it here: Brochure by It’s Tuesday Students

The brochure covers information about:

• Christchurch Mansion
• The Wythypoll Family
• King Henry VII
• The Holy Trinity Augustinian Priory
• Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry Vlll and Anne Bolyne
• Sir Frances Drake
• The Devereux family
• Guy Fawkes
• Charles I
• The Fonnereau Family – Georgians
• Claude Fonnereau
• The Fonnerreau family in the Victorian Period
• Prince Albert

What else has been happening?

The students worked on producing a pantomime version of “The Dragon of Krakow” which was performed at St John’s URC. It was a lot of fun!

As a finale to our term, we had a lovely fundraising lunch, with food provided by our students. The group attracts diverse nationalities; Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Bengali, Iranian, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Afghanistani, Eritrean and Sri Lankan. This means we had an incredible mix of delicious flavours and delicacies to sample! It was a great success. The fundraiser was attended by Councillor Shelley Darwin and Alice Firbank from Ipswich Borough Council who we were thrilled to see.

Feedback from some of our students:

I’m so happy to find this group. It’s really helping me. I enjoyed every Tuesday. It was good to be studying with different people from different countries. We are a team. ~ Csilla

I’m happy to enjoy this group. It was helpful. I learn a lot of English and history. I’m looking forward to meeting next time. ~ Reka

I’m learning English and reading and writing. ~ Lonus

I had a great time. We learn lots of new things and meet different people from different countries. ~ Kasia

It’s really nice to be here. ~ Magda

If you would like to come and join our group, please call Melissa Day on: 07861 758739

Thank you to Ben White for the use of this photograph.