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The most important test for being a Town of Sanctuary is the experience of sanctuary seekers.

Terms of Reference

1. The local working group develops its own goals and strategy for meeting the criteria outlined below, in a way that is relevant to their situation. The group maintains regular contact with their regional network in order to share reports on progress, ideas and resources.

2. When the local group believes it has achieved its initial goals, it submits an application to the City of Sanctuary Recognition Group, detailing how it believes it has met the criteria.

Steering Group will be briefed at each meeting on progress of projects running and take action as appropriate:

Hosting Project

“It’s Tuesday” (Conversation Group)

Workshops/Talks for Primary and Secondary Schools and Sixth Forms


To be recognised as an official Town or City of Sanctuary, the local City of Sanctuary working group will need to achieve these four essential goals:

1. Resolutions of support from a significant and representative proportion of local groups and organisations. These should include a commitment to welcoming and including people seeking sanctuary in the groups’ activities, and evidence of practical efforts to build relationships between those seeking sanctuary and local people.

2. The support and involvement of local Refugee communities, and Refugee representation on the local City of Sanctuary working group.

3. Evidence of sustained engagement with the City Council (or other Local Authority).

4. A strategy, agreed by the main supporting organisations, for how the city is to continue working towards greater inclusion of Refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Continued progress will be measured by a three-yearly review process.

In addition, the town or city should be able to demonstrate public awareness and involvement in support for people seeking sanctuary, through meeting a range of goals from the following list (or similar):

• Workshops for schools on sanctuary issues
• Other awareness raising events
• Social and cultural events where people seeking sanctuary and local people interact
• Concerts and drama productions by Refugee artists
• Interfaith events promoting sanctuary and hospitality
• Community conflict resolution services for areas experiencing tension over new arrivals
• Work with local media to publicise positive stories of sanctuary seekers
• Positive programmes for new arrivals in the city
• Refugee community involvement in festivals and cultural events
• Programme of events and activities for Refugee Week
• Programmes for employment training and voluntary work
• Other projects which help Refugees to feel more welcome and included