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Want to Become a Host?

If you would like to become a Host for Ipswich Town of Sanctuary please download:

Application Form for Host

Page 1 requires Host details- name, address, contact numbers etc. It also allows the Host to indicate time frames for Guest, availability, preference of gender etc.

Page 2 gives Applicants an opportunity to provide any information they wish particularly to describe any experience relevant to the hosting position.

Page 3 requires names and addresses of two referees.

Page 4 is an Equal Opportunities form.

Page 5 is a Health Details form.

Hosting Agreement

This document does not represent a contract. It seeks to record the respective expectations of both the Project and the Host.

Guidance for Hosts

Contents: Introduction, who can be referred to the Hosting Project,the referral process,the stay, support for Hosts, emergencies

Some Issues to Consider: Culture, role separation, relationships, Guests’ rights to privacy, house rules, c/o address, insurance, Hosts who are tenants, reporting, mental health

Also includes glossary

Want to Refer Someone?

If you would like to refer an Asylum Seeker or Refugee to Ipswich Town of Sanctuary Hosting Project please download:

Referral Form for Agency

Page 1 and 2 require details about individual that is being referred, for example first language, country of origin, religion etc.

Page 3 requires names and addresses of two referees.

Page 4 is a Health Details form.

Guidelines for Referrers

This document covers areas such as criteria for an individual to be hosted, allocation of places, time periods and reviews, emergency referrals etc.

Attachment Size
Application Form for Host 88 KB
Hosting Agreement 29.5 KB
Guidance for Hosts 72 KB
Referral form for Agency 73.5 KB
Guidelines for Referrers 36 KB
Guidance for Guests 30.5 KB
Volunteer Reference Request 38.5 KB
Host Assessment 47 KB
Host Assessment Notes for Assessor 24.5 KB