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Training Programme

Support for Hosts

The Hosting Project is always actively seeking volunteers who can support hosting arrangements in a variety of ways. Principally we look for those able to provide short stays so that hosts can have periodic breaks (and to cover for emergencies), as well as those who can invite guests for meals and outings, or provide other practical support.

All hosts are given an information pack when they join the Project containing information about the Asylum Process, local projects and resources, as well as useful phone numbers and websites. After approval as hosts, initial induction training is provided – either 1:1 or in a group if there are sufficient people. Ongoing periodic training will be offered, as well as opportunities for Hosts to meet together for mutual support and to share experiences. Hosts are encouraged to exchange phone numbers and email addresses too. The project coordinator can be contacted at most times for advice and support – it is hoped that it will soon be possible to develop an ‘on-call’ system with the support of volunteer coordinators so that 24/7 cover can be provided. In addition to the above all hosts are encouraged to identify from the start friends who will be able to support them practically, emotionally and, if wished, with prayer.

Ipswich Town of Sanctuary Hosting Project cannot provide support to those who have not been referred through the Project.

Training Aims:

  • To get a better understanding of the impact of hosting and befriending plus the cultural and other issues volunteers are likely to face
  • To find out about the range of legal and other support available to asylum seekers locally and further afield
  • To build on existing knowledge around asylum and the asylum process
  • To share people’s own relevant experiences
  • To meet other volunteering applicants, build a sense of a team, and develop opportunities for mutual support
  • To learn about Ipswich Town of Sanctuary – its projects, structure and how it began
  • To meet key Ipswich Town of Sanctuary people – Working Group
  • To explain Ipswich Town of Sanctuary’s key volunteering policies and procedures
  • To give everyone opportunities to raise issues